Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Creation of MyHoopsLink.com

Basketball is a sport enjoyed by millions of fans around the world but despite its popularity there has not been a comprehensive website that consolidates all aspects of the basketball experience until now. MyHoopsLink.com is the premiere basketball social networking site designed to connect the sport of basketball at every level and facet. This is a one of a kind social media platform. Members and visitors will have access to a variety of interactive tools and features such as an extensive website database where they can search for players, teams, tournaments, camps and trainers on all levels worldwide. Donald Toatley and his eight year old son Donovann are the Founders of MyHoopsLink.com. Donald was born and raised in Washington, DC by a single mother that instilled his drive and ambition which fueled his entrepreneurial spirit. He decided to create this breakthrough site after noticing the lack of resources available to him as a parent looking to teach his son the game of basketball and also locate quality teams and camps for him to participate in. Donald made some wise business decisions and invested his own resources into creating this one stop shop for everything basketball related. MyHoopsLink.com will provide a new and more efficient way for coaches, players and fans to connect on a global level by giving members the ability to create and manage their own Web-a-Link ( a website within the social network), upload game footage and take advantage of the knowledge based content the site provides. The initial responses to MyHoopsLink.com have been remarkable. The website is destined to change the paradigm of sports networking.For more information visit: http://www.myhoopslink.com/

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