Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chandler finally finds a home in Charlotter after being rumored in many trades this summer

By Anthony Caruso III

Tyson Chandler has finally found a home. This is going to be officially Chandler's 3rd NBA team. He was previously drafted with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2001 NBA draft by the Los Angeles Clippers, before being moved to Chicago with Brian Skinner for Elton Brand.

Chandler's name has been rumored to many teams within the past month. He was rumored to go to the Phoenix Suns for Ben Wallace, before the Suns bought out Wallace's contract to make him a free agent. After a failed attempt at the trade deadline, his name has been bounced around for the past month, especially at the NBA draft. But nothing happened at that time.

Chandler was traded to on February 17, 2009 for Chris Wilcox, Joe Smith, and the rights to DeVon Hardin. But Chandler failed a physical to complete the trade, because of a toe injury. And just 24-hours after the trade was made, the Thunder rescinded the trade, sending Chandler back to New Orleans.

With Chandler in Charlotte, he is expected to be their starting center. Chandler is expected to start over Nazr Mohammed and DeSagana Diop. Chandler is also expected to be backed up by foreigner Alexis Ajinça, who only appeared in 31 games last year. Last year was Ajinça's rookie year in Charlotte after being a second-round pick in the 2008 NBA draft.

Chandler adds even more veteran leadership to the team. In February alone, the Bobcats added Raja Bell, Boris Diaw, Diop, and Vladimir Radmanović in trades. The Bobcats currently only have two rookie on their team – both from the 2009 NBA draft in 2nd-round pick Derrick Brown and first-round pick Gerald Henderson.

Chandler only appeared in 45 games last season due to injuries. He averaged 8.8 points and 8.7 rebounds last season when he was healthy. In the previous season, he averaged a career-high 11.8 points and 11.7 rebounds in 79 games. He's never played in more than 80 games in a season. He played in exactly 80 games during the 2004-05 season.


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