Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wallace is going to be a hot commodity in the free agent market by contending teams

By Anthony Caruso III

Rasheed Wallace is going to be hot commodity in this free agent market. All the top contenders are likely going to go after his services. Those teams consider Wallace an asset to help them win a championship next season.

The San Antonio Spurs and Boston Celtics are hotly pursuing the free agent power forward. Both teams already have Hall-of-Fame power forwards in place, with Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett. But Wallace would be a role player off the bench.

Wallace has been receiving texts from Garnett in the past couple of days about potentially signing with Boston. Wallace made nearly $14 million this past season, but would likely get $10 million per season in the free agent market. Wallace would also likely be leaving behind a starting job, too.

Wallace has previously said that he would retire if he did not get a contract worth at least $8 million per season. The Cavaliers said they would be willing to give Wallace a 2-year, $20 mill deal, but that was before Shaq was acquired. The Celtics would like to sign Wallace to equal the recent moves by the Cavs and Magic to bring in Shaq and Vince Carter.

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