Saturday, July 4, 2009

With Hedo signing with Toronto, Marion likely won't be returning to the Raptors

By Anthony Caruso III

With Hedo Turkoglu expected to sign with the Toronto Raptors after backing out of a deal with the Portland TrailBlazers, it appears that it will end the Shawn Marion era North of the Border. Turkoglu is expected to sign a 5-year, $52 mill deal with the Raptors next week. Both Turkoglu and Marion play the same small forward position.

Marion was telling his friends and league executives that he believed he was going to stay in Toronto for the long-term. Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo picked Marion with the 9th overall pick in 1999 and acquired Marion in a February 2009 deal for Jermaine O’Neal. He would spend less than 6 months with the Raptors.

With the Suns going back to the Mike D’Antoni offense under Alvin Gentry, Marion could return to the Valley of the Sun. Marion spent nearly 9 years in Phoenix, before being traded to Miami in a package for Shaquille O’Neal. He would have to take way less than he made last season, expected in the range of $17 million, and take a little more than the mid-level exception from a game. He could get around $7-8 mill per season, if he’s lucky.

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